We have been blessed so wonderfully with this opportunity to be part of Equine Horse Skills Development. The women here at Next Step Ministries have enjoyed this 12 week awesome opportunity to learn about leadership and how much horses can teach us in regards to this. The women have shown such excitement and enthusiasm being able to attend these sessions each week. It has actually been the highlight of their week continually and have expressed that continually. It has given such joy to watch the women light up knowing they are going to Equine. For some of the women it has re-ignited memories from their childhood being with horses and you can see how comfortable they are being with horses. For other women it has been a fearful time where they have needed to overcome their fear and most of them have accomplished this which is a delight to watch. This has also been a highlight for myself to watch the women overcome their fears and actually enjoy their time doing the lessons with the horses and what they are learning about leadership and how they can actually implement it into their everyday life. Watching how the horses are so in tune with feelings, speak without words, yet how they teach us each and every time we are with them. It is absolutely incredible to watch and be a part of and is most definitely life changing. Watching the horses move without touching them, heart to heart, going backwards, following us and many other exercises has been amazing and teaches us how important it is to communicate heart to heart. I have experienced and watched the women build confidence and trust week by week and be able to build on it as they move forward with their lives. It is also brings such amazement to me to watch the team work that takes place each week and how the women are in different groups each week and with different horses as well. This shows their willingness to be so very flexible and the importance of working in teams, the importance of communication and how well things can turn out.


I myself was so blown away by the experience with the horses and how we were to be silent in the team and get our teachers to do several exercises. One of them was to have him put his front hoof on this wooden two step and set his hoof on the red mitten that was placed there. As we were pondering how this could be possible, our teacher comes and sets his hoof on the step and then moves it on over to place his hoof right on top of the red mitten. It was an experience that I will not ever forget and really hit home for me how incredibly smart horses are. I think if they could have spoken, they would have said, ”Girls, I got it, you don’t need to ponder any longer.”  


The staff have been so absolutely amazing and so warm, loving and accepting. It brings each of the women great joy to come each week and hug the staff and know that they are accepted and loved. This has been such a highlight and we are all so very grateful that we have been able to experience this and be able to take each lesson into our lives and be better people for it by incorporating these leadership lessons into our everyday lives.  


Thank you for your love, hugs, experience and knowledge! You are awesome!


Lenora Wiebe

Next Step Ministries